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VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)
VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)

VISION K/Amp and Ceiling Speakers (AV-1800+CS-1900)

Type: Høyttaler

The improved AV-1800 is compact, and has a simple interface with just two dials which are turned to adjust and pushed to switch. It has a selection of inputs – including Bluetooth and a microphone input, making it suitable for meeting spaces, small auditoriums, lecture theatres, school halls, and small churches.

The amplifier can automatically switch to the Bluetooth source when it is paired. Bluetooth can be renamed and the pin changed by connecting to a PC (see software link below).

Microphone Input
It uses a professional XLR connector and the input is “balanced” to eliminate electro-magnetic noise induced on long cables. The microphone input has “Phantom Power” – a voltage which is required by condenser-type microphones such as lectern microphones.

It can be controlled by a control device such as Techconnect Control via IR or RS-232. It also comes with an IR remote control gives the user bass and treble adjustment and direct input selection.

An efficient Digital-class amplifier chip dramatically reduces power consumption especially at rest.

3 x Stereo Inputs
Three stereo inputs accept input from a variety of sources such as computers (via the headphone jack), tablets or phones. 2 of the inputs are via 2-phono (RCA) connectors on the rear panel. Input 3 is via a 3.5mm Minijack connector, and is duplicated on the front and rear panels for easy access.

Line Output
A line-level pre-output on the rear panel bypasses the internal amplifier. It would connect to a larger amplifier or powered loudspeakers. It is post-mix, which means any volume adjustment made on the front panel affects the output level.

If the amplifier senses no input it will automatically go into standby mode. When it senses input it will reactivate. Auto-standby can be disabled.

Mounting Options
Optional mounting hardware is included to allow cable-tying either to a projector ceiling pole, or into a rack.

Redesigned from the ground up, the CS-1900 ceiling speakers are loaded with quality components resulting in clean, powerful sound. They use the ceiling void as an infinite baffle – allowing un-restricted driver excursion – all of which adds up more bass. Low impedance speakers like these offer better sound that 100/70v line speakers. Perfect for meeting spaces.

Front EQ
The simple attenuation switch on the front allows the user to fine-tune the EQ for the environment.

Titanium Dome
The large tweeter is made from premium material and pivots to help installers setup the soundscape. Titanium ensures long, stable performance and reduces distortion.

Woven Kevlar
Kevlar gives smooth audio with incredible detail and transparency. The cone is held in place with a butyl rubber surround to extend the life of the loudspeaker.

Magnetic Grill
The grill clips into place magnetically once the speakers are secured.

The grill extends all the way to the edge of the speaker resulting in virtually no visible edge. This ultra thin grille allows the technology to visually disappear.

Simple to fit
A cutout template is included so the installer can easily trace the cut line in the ceiling tile. Cut a 210 mm (8.3″) hole and turn the dog-leg screws from below to fix the speaker; it’s quick and easy.

Only 87 mm (3.4″) deep, the CS-1900 can be placed anywhere around the room to optimally disperse the sound. They fit in any environment which has a false ceiling.

Gold plated terminals and a quality crossover circuit is included which splits the work between the woofer and tweeter.

High Sensitivity
Ceiling speakers often lack the power of wall speakers, but these have a higher sensitivity of 90dB to cut through high-noise presentation environments.

Thick Ceiling?
The clamps are an extra long 35 mm (1.4″) to cope with ceilings made of very thick material. Most ceiling speakers can only cope with tiles up to 15 mm (0.6″) thick.

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